What are the benefits when I return to Laos from study in Australia?

Join a 1000-strong network of Australia Awards Alumni in Laos including many prominent academics, business and community leaders, and government officials. There are a number of benefits of being a part of the network.

Professional development activities

Participate in conferences, seminars and training workshops to improve your knowledge and skills and to strengthen your professional network.

Social networking activities

Enjoy social activities, catch up with other alumni and meet new people.

Mentoring program

You can provide assistance to new scholarship awardees and help them adjust to the academic and study conditions in Australia.

Scholarship promotion

You can assist the promotion of the Australia Awards in your place of employment and within your professional and social networks. Alumni are often the best ambassadors for Australia Awards Scholarships and can be invaluable in promoting the scholarships.

Join Our Network

The Lao Australia Alumni Network is a part of Australia Global Network. Please register your membership here https://globalalumni.gov.au/ and enjoy its benefits.