Selecting a Course of Study

Finding the Right Course for You

  • Applicants are expected to choose a course of study relevant to their qualifications, experience and career.  Information on courses in Australia that are open to international students can be found here. Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students or CRICOS:
  • In Section 8 (Proposed Study Program), you will be asked to choose a university, a course and provide the CRICOS Code for that course.  Please ensure that you have done your research properly and that this information is valid.
  • You may provide two preferences of courses to study.  You should consider two institutions rather than two courses at the same institution, just in case you do not meet the admission requirements of the first institution.

Please note that:

  • Any form without CRICOS information will be ruled ineligible.
  • A Course CRICOS code is a set of 6 digit numbers with 1 capitalised letter,
  • Do not be confused with the University CRICOS Provider which has 5 digit numbers with 1 capitalised letter,
  • A course that has no CRICOS code is not for international students or not for Lao students.

An Australia Education Exhibition will be held in Vientiane Capital in March, and representatives from Australian universities and colleges will come and present useful information to help you with course advice.

We highly encourage applicants to attend this event.  Please regular check our website for more details of the event.


You will find useful information about the CRICOS provider code here: