Australia Awards in Laos

Australia Awards in Laos

The Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) are managed by the Laos Australia Institute (LAI). LAI is managed by Tetra Tech International Development  on behalf of the Australian Government.

The Laos Australia Institute (LAI) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) meet regularly to discuss program implementation. Once a year, the Program Streeting Committee meets to review progress and provide policy direction across all components of the program. LAI also supports the National Human Resource Development Commission to undertake annual policy dialogues. 

Program Steering Committee (PSC) meets annually to consider the broader policy directions of the LAI program; approve annual work plans, budgets and reports; review implementation progress and results and assist to coordinate progress across all program activities and functions.

The PSC is chaired by the Vice Minister of Education and Sports and the Deputy Ambassador of the Australian Embassy. Its membership includes:

  • Director General, International Cooperation Department, MPI
  • Director General, Planning Department, MOES
  • Director General, Student Affairs Department, MOES
  • Director General, Higher Education Department, MoES
  • Director General, Performance Appraisal and Civil Service Development Department, MoHA
  • Lao National Chamber for Commerce and Industry (LNCCI)
  • Lao Disabled People’s Association
  • Lao Disabled Women’s Development Center
  • LAI Contractor, (Secretariat role)

The Joint Selection Panel (JSP) meets during the AAS selection process to review applicant data, make recommendations for shortlisting, participate in candidate interviews and make recommendations for awards.

The JSP is chaired by the First Secretary Policy and Development of the Australian Embassy, and its membership usually includes representatives from:

– Department of Planning, MoES
– Department of Student Affairs, MoES
– Department of International Cooperation, MPI
– Department of Civil Service Management, MoHA
– Lao National Chamber for Commerce and Industry (LNCCI)

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The Laos Australia Institute is managed by Tetra Tech International Development, on behalf of the Australian Government.

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